The Association has fifteen standing committees who have oversight for different aspects and areas of the community. Committees do not make final decisions, but bring their recommendations to the Board of Directors.An ad hoc Charter Committee is currently working to define each committee’s objectives and organize their operational methods and rules of order.
Currently, the fifteen committees and their Chairs are:

  • Arena/Trails - Chair: Michael Metzler
  • Finance/Risk Management /Insurance - Chair: Bruce Johnson
  • Homeowner Compliance - Chair: Pam Mulvany
  • Lakes - Chair: Kent Brown
  • Landscape - Chair: Cliff Nelson
  • Maintenance - Chair: Joe Pritts
  • Master Plan Implementation - Chair: Bruce Johnson
  • Newsletter/Website - Chair: Joy DeGroot
  • Nominating - Chair: Michael Hardin
  • Patrol & Parking - Chair: Steve Williams
  • Pool/ Tot Lot - Chair: TBD
  • Recreation - Chair: Yvonne Kees
  • Saddlehill Architectural - Chair: John Cora
  • Tennis Courts - Chair: Al Aidekman
  • Stables - Chair: Hank Cousine

 2017 - 2018 Committee Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
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