Those who live in Broadmoor and Saddlehill pay a monthly fee to preserve the common area, and features, and maintain the value of our homes. This money is used to sustain the amenities and keep up the communities’ common areas. Those who stable their horses on the property, pay an additional stall rental fee.

As a homeowner, you are required to abide by the governing rules in the CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions).

The Association hopes homeowners will take pride in their property and stay alert and do the right thing for the safety and efficient management of the community. Broadmoor has perhaps the largest common area of any similar development in Orange County. The common area equates to about one-half acre per Broadmoor home. You have a large stake in the common area!

The Master Plan created in 2016 covers the infrastructure, open spaces and recreational areas of the community, and was designed to shape the future of the community. Each approved and funded project will be rolled out under the direction of an experienced Project Manager and Committee. It will take many years to complete all the elements of the Plan, and some may change, but you will begin to see progress in 2017.

The newsletter, “The Trails” is mailed to residents and homeowners. It is intended to keep you informed of useful and important information relative to our community and the surrounding area. Residents may contribute story ideas and photos to the editor of “The Trails.”

In the future, a blog on this website will offer residents and homeowners the opportunity to discuss areas they feel need to be improved from a safety standpoint, discussion suspicious activities and report on other community matters.

You are invited to attend monthly board meetings and to address the “Homeowner’s Forum” with your praises, concerns and ideas.

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